Industry Leading Plastering Contractor in Southern Utah Took on a Serious and Potentially Deadly Problem and Solved It!

Plastering/Fireproofing Pump material hose safety issue updates’; An industry leading plastering contractor in Southern Utah took on a serious and potentially deadly problem and then, he solved it! Wade Sip, is a hardworking and unpretentious kind of guy. Wade eats, sleeps and dreams plastering. Building his business to simply run better, safer and more productive […]

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Lime Burn

The Colonial Williamsburg Brickyard successfully built and burned a limerick recently. Lime was an important product in the 18th-century building trades, being the key ingredient in both mortar and plaster. The week of February 9-13 was spent constructing the rick, which consisted of a wide circular platform of firewood about four feet tall, topped with […]