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Spray Force Excalibur Hydra SR-2

The Spray Force Excalibur Hydra is revolutionizing the plaster pumping industry. Stemming from the industry’s leading plaster pump, the Excalibur, the Excalibur Hydra is the first and ONLY completely hydraulic plaster pump on the market. With its groundbreaking design, the Excalibur Hydra offers a number of improvements over a traditional plaster pump.

The Excalibur Hydra uses one 57HP diesel power plant for both the pump & mixer. The Excalibur Hydra uses an Automatic Self-Compensating “Smart System” to automatically adjust hydraulic oil flow to save fuel and reduce equipment wear & tear, not to mention the incredible safety advantages. No more blown hoses or bent pushrods. The equipment uses a high efficiency oil system to power the hydraulics and reduce maintenance costs. The equipment has fingertip speed control for both pump and mixer located on the side of the unit over an infinite operating range. No more manual changing of gears as speed change is as simple as a turn of the dial. With a completely hydraulic system, the equipment maintains maximum horsepower throughout various RPM levels giving you the ability to pump and mix even the toughest materials. A full spout Powermix 1010 mixer with right-hand dump is utilized to eliminate splash and reduce jobsite cleanup.

The Excalibur Hydra, with its infinite speed range, is capable of pumping the thickest scratch & brown, fireproofing material, EIFS, dash, sand/cement slurries, and even color stucco finish. The Excalibur Hydra is changing the way plaster contractors work.

Maximum Volume22 yd³/hr (13.85m³/hr) 61 GPM22 yd³/hr (13.85m³/hr) 61 GPM
Pumping pressure800 psi (55 bar)800 psi (55 bar)
Volume controlInfinite Speed Control (Hydraulic)Infinite Speed Control (Hydraulic)

Diameter3.5" (89mm)3.75" (95mm)
Stroke8" (200mm)8" (200mm)
Hopper capacity9 ft³ (255L)9 ft³ (255L)
Outlet diameter2" (50mm)3" (76mm)
Diesel57 hp Hatz 3M41Z57 hp Hatz 3M41Z
Fuel tank capacity14 US gal (53L)14 US gal (53L)
CompressorQuincy QTS-3Quincy QTS-3
Axle type 4 Torsion Axles 4 Torsion Axles
Axle capacity10400 lbs (4 717kg)10400 lbs (4 717kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H)  
Weight (approx)6000 lbs6000 lbs
Capacity14 ft³ (370L)14 ft³ (370L)
PowerPTO Driven (Hydraulic)PTO Driven (Hydraulic)

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