I shutter to think of the 1000’s of rocks we had in the nozzle in Mozambique and now Angola

Excerpts from a ‘Real’ Job-Site Superintendent’s Report Journal;

I shudder to think of the 1000’s of rocks we had in the nozzle in Mozambique and now Angola to how bad things could have really gone.

This is a real picture of what happens when you have an inexperienced pump operator on a (to Remain Nameless) Standard Gear-Box Clutch pump when you get a pack, rock at the orifice and or where it connects to the fitting. Obviously, a lot went wrong but like it or not the Spray Force Excalibur Hydra would not have blown up because it will comp out on pressure before it gets to this point.

Yes, I get that the Hydra’s are more money but this guy is still in the hospital after 5 days and still in Massive Danger of losing his leg……… And luckily this happened in America where he can get better care.

When You Now Know Better,

Imagine if this was a hospital in Angola where we are over an hour away from a basic care clinic.  Minimally, this will be at least a $500,000 workers comp claim. Amortize the price difference between a Hydra and a Standard Gear-Box Clutch Pump (difference of less than $5,000.00) over the life of a well-maintained pump and it amounts to mere pennies. The major concern a Steward should consider is, would be worth it? Empirically Speaking it is Reckless, Tragic and absolutely an Unnecessary situation this Cheap Purchase immediately exposes your firm to while you own and operate a Clutch/Box Pump.

Hopefully, the basic businessman can figure out how to ONLY price the Spray Force Hydra’s into their budgets. Particularly with their new business model of 4-5 US plaster people and 40-50 local talent on a project. If not, in a matter of time, they will screw around and no doubt get someone killed.  Frankly, I have to be honest, if I am on the project I will take it Extremely Personal.

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