Industry Leading Plastering Contractor in Southern Utah Took on a Serious and Potentially Deadly Problem and Solved It!

Plastering/Fireproofing Pump material hose safety issue updates’;

An industry leading plastering contractor in Southern Utah took on a serious and potentially deadly problem and then, he solved it!

Wade Sip, is a hardworking and unpretentious kind of guy. Wade eats, sleeps and dreams plastering. Building his business to simply run better, safer and more productive today than it did yesterday. It is a passion born out of necessity, driven in the pursuit of personal happiness and that good old fashion “American Dream”.

He drives an old pick-up truck (nearly 400,000 miles on it now and still counting) and is proud of it! He chooses to wear comfortable clothes that he can get ‘dirty’ at any time. He is judiciously observant, and then seemingly, at the drop of the hat, jumps up on the scaffold and takes hold of the spray nozzle just to “remind those young guys” that he can still run with the best of the herd!  A couple of years ago, he invested in a fancy digital color tinting machine for any of his color finishes. He chooses to maintain a modern ten-wheeler with trailers that travel all over the country to pick up his ‘best material deals’ for the day to day operations. Yup, no question about it, Wade loves to get his hands dirty!

Wade is about as down to earth and self-confident as anyone you may ever bump into.

Indeed, for me, he is a tangible breath of fresh air! Conversely, make no mistake about it, he is as somber and a sharp as nails businessman that you will ever encounter. I was blessed to see him in action and it in truth, he reminds me of the comparable parallel path I personally navigated through over thirty years ago now when I started and operated my own Fireproofing and Plastering business.

All accidents are preventable;

For years, Wade had deliberated over and then prepared for the chance to retire his unintelligent Centrifugal Clutch and Pulley Tommy Style Pumps.  Indeed, through the years, they made him a lot of money, but the uneasiness of their precariously high pressure and volatile nature, incessantly put the grind on him (*these old-style centrifugal-clutch pumps are overwhelmingly still used in the industry world-wide).

(*see; lawsuit and case study information below). .

Indeed, while retiring Wade’s pumps had seemed once impossible, new equipment technology had come to the Fireproofing and Plastering industries rescue. Wade understands that the welfare of his most vital asset wasn’t found in any equipment, but in his hardworking, fragile and precious workforce. It was in this long held recognition, that protecting his labor force is a serious and a non-compromising professional obligation.

Wade’s earliest position? Simply, that if he fashioned and then built the culture and a belief system that all accidents are easily preventable, his workforce could then operate with the same passion and commitment.

Understanding and then embracing a ‘Paradigm Shift’ in heavy duty material pumps.

Bent push rods are common from material packs.
Bent push rods are common from material packs.

Late last year, Wade took delivery on his newest equipment asset (The 2016 Spray Force Excalibur Hydra, 100% Self-Compensating Hydraulic Powered Ball and Seat Piston Pump) a clutch free and intelligent designed hydraulic powered plaster pump. Wade is bursting with the pride of ownership while looking forward to each new day enjoying its ‘superior safety assets’. Pressure produced material packs and hose related injuries can now be put into pasture along with those ‘Old Style Tommy Gun Pumps!

As Wade may say it best, “Zero’ injuries can be the only acceptable number”.

—Truth is, All Accidents are Preventable—

The Excalibur Hydra Is Controlled By 100% Self-Compensating, Intelligent Hydraulic Power. ‘Nothing else on the planet is’.

It is in ‘The Spray Force Culture and Belief System’ that all accidents are easily preventable. At Spray Force, the number one industry goal is to have ‘zero’ injuries. Candidly, ‘Zero’ is the only acceptable number. Leadership and Innovation is a Culture of Excellence. Facing Industry needs through its Designing, Incorporating and Installing Safety and User Friendly Functions. All equipment is not created equal and should be built around this most important position, that — all injuries are preventable.

* Centrifugal Clutch and Pulley Pump’s Capacity to Generate Pressure;

High pressure common place equipment push rod damage.
Common place equipment push rod damage, from high pressure.

A centrifugal clutch pump’s only real safety feature is a pressure relief valve (“PRV”). The valve consists of a brass port assembly that contains a red polyurethane ball. All the plastering-stucco/fireproofing matrixes travel across the valve, which is located next to the manifold with the hose. – See more at


Testimony extracted from trial;

“Under a “relatively slow pressurization event” the valve functioned normally, expelling the ball at approximately 900 psi. During the quasi-static test, the Cam–Lok ruptured at 2,007 psi. Next came the dynamic test. It was exactly the same, except that rather than apply it slowly, the pressure was introduced in two-thousandths of a second. Vandervort hypothesized before the test that “under a rapid pressure event that ball might be bypassed and the fitting would fail before the ball released.” To control how much pressure was introduced, Vandervort used a disc that is manufactured by a specialized vendor to rupture at a given pressure, here 2,500 psi. During the dynamic test, the ball began to extrude from its brass cap, but did not escape, leading the Cam–Lok to break as predicted, as its pins gave way”.  Dr. Kurt Vandervort P.H.D.

* “The pump’s physical design is such that when the pins shear, the Cam–Lok arms fall away, and the ends of the hose separate. Photographs of the accident scene corroborated that the pins were broken and that the hose coupling had, in fact, disengaged. One of the two sheared pins was recovered” –

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